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Real Estate

I provide advice and counsel to individuals regarding real estate matters, as well as drafting documents such as Quit Claim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, and Beneficiary Deeds. I review Real Estate Purchase Contracts and edit the Contracts as needed.

If a couple who owns real estate together marries after they acquired the real estate, their real estate Deed should be updated to to obtain the full protections accorded to a married couple.  My office can prepare the necessary Deed.

I provide legal counsel regarding the pros and cons of transferring property into joint ownership.  The is an important decision that requires careful consideration, because transfer of property that you own in your own name into joint tenancy with another person may have adverse consequences.  If your main goal is to ensure that your property passes to another person upon your death, a recorded Beneficiary Deed naming that person as beneficiary may be preferable to retitling the property into joint tenancy.

As part of my estate planning practice, I ask that you bring to your appointment with me a copy of the deed to any real estate that you own for my review.  Not infrequently, I have found that the real estate is titled differently than the clients intended. 

I do not handle landlord-tenant matters, property line disputes, or claims against contractors.